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Less anxiety. Better mood. Made easier.

Your CBT and mindfulness companion.

86% of members report feeling better after their first session of mindful conversations with Iona Mind

Many of us suffer from stress, anxiety, low mood, poor sleep or generally feeling disconnected.

That’s why we created Iona Mind: your companion to CBT and mindfulness.

Whether you’re seeking support through challenging times or simply seeking personal growth, the Iona Mind app is here, in your pocket, 24/7.

Iona Mind is something new and different. We use the latest scientifically backed tools from CBT and performance psychology to help you understand the causes of problems, not just the symptoms.

How we help

App helps you understand your internal dialogue

Personalized insights & reports

Get insights into your common thinking patterns and overcome your biases. Understand your internal dialogue and make sure it’s working for you. Share reports with your coach or therapist as you see fit.

App helps you track your mood and identify thinking patterns

Track mood & identify patterns

Track your mood and identify patterns of thinking and behaviour. Increase your emotional awareness and learn to manage difficult feelings.

App helps you set goals and track your progress

Personalized plans

Personalised plans, based on science, to help you achieve your mental fitness goals, whether you’re looking for support through challenging times or simply seeking personal growth.

  • Guided Mental Health Check-ins

    With a smart daily gratitude journal and guided mental health check-ins, you can build habits that improve your mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.

    Iona walks you through guided check-ins to help you understand your internal dialogue and make sure it’s serving you. It’s like having a little therapist or coach in your pocket.

    Manage difficult feelings by reflecting on your experiences or enhance positive emotions during times of success, happiness or fulfillment.

Fitness of the mindis as important as fitness of the body

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

    Practice meditation and mindfulness exercises to build emotional awareness and resilience.

    Psychological Exercises Library

    Access a library of helpful concepts and information drawn from cognitive behavioural therapy.

    Privacy by Design

    Everything you do in the app is private and confidential. Your data is not shared or sold and can be permanently deleted at any time.

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